The aims of the project are to:

  • Recreate the names “VALOUR”, “PATRIOT” and “REMEMBERANCE” on the modern railways.
  • Raise awareness of lesser known service charities and how they support Service personnel, Veterans and their families.
  • Raise money for the named charities through Exclusive Limited Edition models.

As with the original named locomotives the aim is to have the names carried by three separate rail companies, so that on the 11 th November 2018 “VALOUR”,”PATRIOT” and “REMEMBERANCE” can be placed beside “THE UNKNOWN WARRIOR”.

Each Locomotive with carry a plaque for the charity it is supporting to raise awareness of these smaller but by no means less important organisations, this will not only show the public support for the charities but also be a reminder to those servicemen, veterans and service families that these charities are there in their time of need.

With each locomotive named there will be a limited edition model made with profits going to the Charity named on the real locomotive to allow the charities to carry on supporting those in need.

The charities to be supported will be announced as the project develops – the first charity will be ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. You can find out more about each of the charities supported here.