Welcome to Project Railway Honour

…honouring the past helping today

Railway HonourRailway Honour is a project created by Corporal Gareth Atkinson (1st Battalion of the Mercian Regiment) to raise funds and awareness for three forces-related charities whilst commemorating the historic sacrifices made by railwaymen during times of war. The locomotive re-namings will also renew the historic recognition that the railways have given to servicemen and women.

Under the scheme, titled Project Railway Honour, it is hoped that three railway companies (the first locomotive naming has already been agreed) will re-name their locomotives with iconic nameplates cast from the brass casings of spent ammunition that has been brought back from military operations overseas.  The second part of the project will be to produce a detailed scale model of the same locomotive.  For every model sold, a donation will be made to one of the three forces-related charities.